About us

Like you, we believe children should have the best experiences in life. they should be able to understand the world they live in and learn to respect their environment.

We were farmers and have been avid gardeners for a long time so we know how to grow things!  One day at the local garage we learnt how expensive and difficult it is to recycle tyres - that's why you see so many that are dumped on the roadside. We decided to put our experience with this problem and the rest is history as they say - we are working with schools all over the country creating amazing growing spaces that deliver the curriculum in an exciting and different way.

We take pride in installing recycled tyres and supplying nutrient rich composted soil, gravel for drainage, seeds and teacher packs at an amazingly low cost.


To find out more and have a free, no obligation discussion please call 07932 980397, or if you prefer please email us on hello.amazingideas@gmail.com

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